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Foreclosure Defense Helping families stay in their homes

Over the last 8 years, the real estate industry experienced a devastating decline in the property values, which triggered the short sales and foreclosure homes flooding our markets. Most of us brokers had to make adjustments to our marketing these properties. Adam Diamond was one of the first attorneys to approach this recession with an enthusiastic, positive attitude, and a good understanding of the short sale process and bank foreclosures. With his knowledge and expertise, Adam Diamond became the primary attorney that I referred my clients to. His ability to advise the clients and guide of us through the process has been quite unique. Now that our real estate market has improved, I will still continue to refer my clients to Adam Diamond to handle any real estate related business.

~ Dennis Drake


If you have received word your home will be foreclosed, do not panic.

For many foreclosure cases, It is possible to present a convincing legal defense.  Lean on our McHenry County and Lake County, Illinois attorneys to handle your foreclosure defense and we will do our best to get you the time you need to explore your options.  We do this by creating persuasive legal arguments designed to convince the judge, or your lender, to delay the foreclosure so you have an opportunity to save money or make other financial arrangements that allow you to remain in your home.  

In some cases, your lender’s paperwork is so screwed up that they will agree to settle the case by waiving your lability for the difference between what you owe and what they get at the sheriff’s sale (or auction) of your home.  This is called a consent judgement with a deficiency waiver.

A Foreclosure Defense Tailored to Your Unique Situation

No two looming home foreclosures in the McHenry County and Lake County, Illinois are exactly the same.  In some cases, the homeowner is out of work. In other situations, the homeowner is ill, recently lost a loved one or is dealing with another personal  issue. The bottom line is your home foreclosure defense should be formulated with your unique situation in mind. Whether you can benefit from a loan modification or feel as though the foreclosure is completely unwarranted, we will craft our legal arguments with your needs and specific situation in mind.  Such an individualized foreclosure defense has the potential to make the difference between the bank moving forward with the foreclosure or obtaining a loan modification favorable to your budgetary constraints.

How Does the Court Part of the Foreclosure Process Work?

When you hire our foreclosure attorney with the overarching goal of retaining your property in McHenry County and we will do everything in our power to help get you additional time to try to work things out with your lender and possibly keep your house.  Once you hire us, the court part of the process begins with our filing of a notice of appearance. This notice is filed with the court and a copy is sent to all parties in the case (including your lender’s attorney) to let them know that our law firm will be representing you in your case and will serve as your official legal representative.

The next step is for our foreclosure attorney to answer the summons and complaint.  This answer is filed with the court to make it clear we will fight the lawsuit in an effort to keep you in your home.  In fact, there might be key mistakes made in the complaint that we can address in our official answer filed with the court.  Even a subtle err on behalf of the lending institution has the potential to shift the scales of justice in your favor.

Zealous Legal Representation in and out of Court

There is no sense interrupting your work or parenting schedule with court conferences when our attorneys can represent you at these events.  From settlement conferences to court hearings, out-of-court meetings with opposing counsel and beyond, we will represent your interests whenever and wherever necessary.  Our aim is to reach a resolution that does not result in the property being foreclosed or abandoned. Put your faith in our McHenry County foreclosure attorney and we will fiercely represent your interest in the quest for justice.  This way, you will not have to engage in legal battle with the bank’s attorney without a savvy legal practitioner on your side.

The Right Foreclosure Defense Strategy for Your Unique Case

A number of foreclosure defense strategies are available to either delay or completely prevent the foreclosure of your McHenry County home.  These defense strategies are often used while a more lasting remedy such as a short sale or the modification of your loan is pursued. As an example, it might be possible to argue a condition precedent has not been satisfied, the bank engaged in unfair lending practices or the plaintiff is not the actual party in interest.  These are just a few of the defense strategies we can employ to help you keep your home or avoid owing additional money to your lender.

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