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Residential Real Estate Sellers

We worked with Adam Diamond and his team when selling our home. They were infinitely professional, readily accessible and highly communicative: they were a dream to work with from the very beginning of the process. They provided succinct explanations of procedures, helpful advice on how to handle any hiccups along the way, and peace of mind, especially on the day of closing. We knew that this aspect of the sale of our house was in extremely capable hands with Adam Diamond! We would HIGHLY recommend Diamond Real Estate Law for anyone's legal needs!

~ Becky Lugovsky

Real estate agents, sellers and buyers all benefit from the assistance of our experienced real estate attorneys.

In particular, those selling property in McHenry County and Lake County, Illinois and those representing sellers can obtain considerable value from our legal services.  It is not enough to print off a generic real estate contract from an online template, add the buyer’s and seller’s names and have them sign it. You need an experienced real estate attorney in your corner with experience drafting complex real estate contracts, enforcing the terms of those agreements and ensuring your interests are fully protected.

Why the Assistance of a Residential Real Estate Attorney is Essential

A real estate attorney’s assistance is important from the beginning of the property’s sale all the way up until the sale is finalized with the appropriate paperwork.  Your attorney will guard you against documentation issues, potential lawsuits, titling errors and other pitfalls. In fact, the vast majority of those who have sold property in McHenry County and Lake County, Illinois are quick to testify proceeding with such an important matter without the assistance of an attorney is reckless.  From tying up loose ends to creating the initial contract for sale, identifying mistakes in paperwork and protecting your interest throughout this process, real estate attorneys have plenty to do.

At the beginning of the process, our real estate attorneys are available to answer any legal questions you have about your listing agreement with your realtor or offers from potential buyers.  Once you accept an offer, we will review the contract and request any recommended changes to clarify the terms of the deal. We will review the title of your property to make sure you can provide the Buyer with clear title and the title insurance required by most contracts.  If there are any title problems we will help you clear them. We will prepare your closing documents ahead of time so you can pre-sign them and not have to sit at the closing and watch the Buyer sign a mountain of loan documents. When closing time comes, we will review the settlement statement breakdown on your behalf and make sure that you are only paying for the things you agreed to.  Most importantly, we will give you a call once your check is ready or the wire with your money has been sent to your bank account.

Legal Assistance for Unexpected Complications

Complications of some sort are bound to arise prior to or during the closing.  If you do not have a savvy and experienced McHenry County and Lake County, Illinois real estate attorney on your side, there is the potential for these complications to upend the transaction.  Whether issues arise with a lien/ judgment on the property’s title, problems regarding specific disclosures or anything else, you will need the assistance of a talented real estate attorney.  Let our team surmount these hurdles on your behalf and we will ensure your deal moves forward in a timely manner.

Legal Assistance for all Residential Property Sales

Whether you are short selling your McHenry County and Lake County, Illinois property, selling the property of a deceased family member, foreclosing, going through a divorce, have tenants on the property or are dealing with a judgment or lien, you will need the assistance of a proven attorney.  Our real estate attorneys are here to help with every aspect of this high-stakes transaction to mitigate your risk.

We have successfully closed deals on behalf of those short selling their property, those who are foreclosing and couples in the midst of a contentious divorce.  We understand every seller’s situation is highly unique. Therefore, the same overarching solution will not suffice for each and every client.  Meet with our legal team, explain your unique situation and we will get right to work on your McHenry County Illinois real estate matter.

Contact one of our real estate attorneys today

Our McHenry County and Lake County, Illinois real estate attorneys are a call away.  Give us a ring at 773-217-9623 to find out more about our real estate legal services and schedule an appointment.

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