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Residential Real Estate Buyers

We chose Adam as our attorney as he was highly recommended by our Realtor, and rightfully so! Adam and his team played a vital role in making sure our close was smooth and all our documents were in line prior to closing. Although his job is incredibly serious and important, he makes the process entertaining with his personality, but still makes sure your know what you are signing your name on. He was a fantastic choice as an attorney for such a big step for my husband and I, and we highly recommend him!

~ $190K Townhouse Buyer (Closed) Mar 15, 2018


The purchase of residential real estate in McHenry County and Lake County, Illinois is a major life event for most people.

After all, you will likely purchase a property upwards of two or three times throughout the entirety of your life.  If the deal is not absolutely perfect, you will regret the decision for years to come. Our real estate attorneys are here to help real estate agents as well as home sellers and home buyers with the nuances of this important transaction.

Invaluable Assistance With Real Estate Purchases

It is a mistake to fork over your hard-earned money for property in McHenry County and Lake County, Illinois or move forward with a client’s deal unless the contract has been thoroughly analyzed.  Our real estate attorneys are here to craft, modify and review real estate contracts for all different types of residential properties throughout McHenry County and Lake County, Illinois. Even if you are a real estate agent with decades of experience, you can benefit from the trained eye and expertise of a savvy real estate attorney.

From uncooperative sellers to mistakes in the paperwork, title issues and the nuances of contract language, there are all sorts of potential roadblocks.  If you do not have an experienced real estate attorney on your side, you might make a mistake that costs you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars down the line.  Our legal team is here to prevent this nightmare, represent you in your residential real estate transaction and ensure you are provided with a fair deal.

Ongoing Assistance Throughout the Entirety of the Residential Real Estate Purchase

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an attorney represent you throughout the home-buying process?  If you are a real estate agent, take a moment to think about how convenient it would be to run the contract, paperwork and other legal documents by our attorneys prior to moving forward.  Our legal team is here to perform in-depth contract analysis, attend the closing, review all loan documents and ensure the buyer takes ownership of the property without impediment.

If you have any questions or concerns during the closing or at any other stage of the real estate transaction, we will tend to them.  This assistance has the potential to prove invaluable as questions, concerns and other surprises are bound to arise prior to and during the closing.  If any last-minute financing issues arise or if the seller tries to make alterations you do not agree with, our legal team will fiercely advocate on your behalf.

Assistance With the Avalanche of Paperwork

Real estate transactions in McHenry County and Lake County, Illinois are inherently complex.  Mortgage closing packages can sometimes have over a hundred pages. There is no sense attempting to read through all of this material on your own when our real estate attorneys can help you quickly review the documents. We will ensure you fully understand the important parts of these documents so you can move forward with your residential real estate purchase in full confidence. Let us help you with your purchase in McHenry County or Lake County, Illinois and you will rest easy at night knowing all the important details are accounted for.

Contact Our Residential Real Estate Attorneys Today

If you are a real estate agent, a home-seeker or looking to sell your home, you can benefit from our legal services.  Reach out to us today at 773-217-9623 to learn more about our legal services and schedule an appointment.

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