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When a realtor sends one of our real estate attorneys a contract, that realtor is placing his or her trust in that attorney to:

  • Take exceptional care of their client;
  • Solve problems, not create them;
  • Realize that clients are often the realtor’s family members, friends or connections that they have been nurturing for years;
  • Remember that preparing to sell a home may involve significant time (sometimes even years) and often a financial investment on the part of the Seller;
  • Remember that many Buyers look at hundreds of homes before finding that special one; and
  • Keep in mind all of the hard work that goes into putting a residential real estate deal together before it even gets to the real estate attorney.


While our duty is first and foremost to always represent our client, we understand the importance of partnering with our client’s realtor in the transaction and keeping them in the loop throughout the closing process.

Not every realtor is a good fit to work with our team and, frankly, we may not be a good fit for every realtor. We understand that and, with that knowledge, we have focused our real estate practice to include working with those realtors who:

  • Want to be part of our team approach to transaction management;
  • Participate in finding simple and efficient solutions to issues that may arise;
  • Always put the best interests of their clients first; and
  • Stay actively involved in the transaction from contract to close.


We close hundreds of residential real estate deals each year and appreciate the trust and business we have received from realtors in McHenry and Lake Counties. We look forward to continuing to work with this area’s best realtors and their clients. We also look forward to building new relationships and helping new realtors grow their business and find success.

New realtors:

If you are a realtor who is just starting out, our real estate team will take care of both you and your client, guiding you throughout the closing process. Contact Diamond Real Estate Law for information on how to get started.

Experienced realtors:

If you are a seasoned realtor who is looking for a law firm that appreciates real estate as much as you do, understands where you are coming from and will work hand-in-hand with you and your client to successfully close the deal, I invite you to call or email me for details.

Contact Diamond Real Estate Law Today

Reach out to us today to get the ball rolling on your residential real estate contract.  You can contact our greater Chicagoland real estate attorneys by dialing 815-385-6840.

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